Raja Ampat is one of the few places on Earth where you can still find most of the existing marine life species. Its biodiversity makes the area popular, well known as a unique marine life epicenter. White tip sharks, black tip sharks, grey sharks, green turtles, oceanic mantas, black and white-bellied mantas, schools of mobulas, schools of bump-head parrot fish, huge schools of barracudas, Jacks and many others can be seen in Raja Ampat reefs.

Pigmy sea horses, different species of nudibranch, ghost pipe fish, mandarine fish, blue-ring octopus and harlequin shrimps delight all macro-lovers. Endemic species such as Wobbegong shark, Raja Ampat carpet shark (known as “walking shark”), mantis shrimp and many others will surprise divers with its exoticism and beauty.


Did you ever feel corious about how does it feels to breath underwater? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to discover it. Raja Ampat is not only a place for experiences or professional divers. If you’re not interested in getting your dive certification yet, you can always give it a try. Our instructors will share with you the basic knowledge about diving in general and about divinf in Raja Ampat as well. Actually, the number of students taking their PADI courses and the number of curious guests who want to try diving in Raja Ampat is increasing more and more in the last few years.



Raja Ampat Dive Resort offers a wooden-designed dive center on-site, where you can find 2 BAUER compressors, more than 100 aluminium tanks 12L (DIM & International) and AQUALUNG and CRESSI brand new dive gear.

Our five different fully-equipped boats are moored at the pier, waiting for our guests to jump in and start their trips. We have 3 different boats of 8 meters-long fiber glass boat with canvas cover – 2 YAMAHA engines 40 HP. Dovong boat with space for up to eight divers.

We also have a 10 meters-long fiber glass boat with cabin and toilet – 2 SUZUKI engines 115 HP/each. Diving and excursion boat with space up to twelve guests.

And our biggest boat is a 12 meters-long fiber glass boat with large cabin and toilet – 2 SUZUKI engines 200 HP/each. Diving and excursion boat with space up to fifteen guests.




There are more than 30 dive sites near from our resort. The majority of the best dive sites in Raja Ampat are located in Dampier Strait, and most of them are only 10 to 30 minutes distance from Raja Ampat Dive Resort.

Every dive site in Raja Ampat is special, but there are some spots you cannot skip!

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