Get out of your room for a day and get into the various activities available.


  • Early departure 5 AM
  • Arrival to Sapokren at 5.10 AM
  • Start of the guided trekking in the jungle
  • Return to resort at 8 AM


30 minutes guided trekking to see the Red Bird of Paradise and Wilson Bird of Paradise. This birds can be found only in our island, Waigeo, as well as some subspecies of Cuscus.

Waigeo Island is the habitat of many endemic species of birds and other animals, and our trekking path is starting only 5 minutes distance from our resort.

Included :water, coffee, snacks, lunch (lunch boxes), towels, on board services


  • Breakfast 5.30 am
  • Departure from resort at 6 am
  • 3 hours boat trip via Kabui and Pef Island to get to Wayag
  • Stop at the beach area where many baby sharks can be seen
  • Visit to the view point —15 minutes hiking
  • Visit to the local Village and lunch time (break)
  • Back to resort via Kabui — 3 hours boat trip — arrival. Estimated time 5 – 5.30 pm


Located 10 km north of the equator, the island is known for its spectacular atolls and its huge size (155 hectares).

You will be surprised by its pristine beaches with unique karst islands sprouting out of the sea. The beauty of the panorama of their beaches and its view point amazes tourist from all around the world, and the crystal clear waters around Wayag appear like unreal windows to different types of marine fauna.

Local people around Wayag welcomes tourists in their villages for a visit, showing them the beauty of their culture and the charming simplicity of their life style.